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There are many addictive drugs, and treatments for specific drugs can differ. Treatment also varies depending on the characteristics of the patient.

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Is It Abuse or Addiction?

Substance abuse or addiction is the chronic or habitual use of any chemical substance - alcohol, drugs, tobacco, & prescription medication - used with the intention of altering states of body or mind for other than medically warranted purposes. (more)

Did You Know?

The impact of a drugs vary from person to person, according to the user’s physiology, personality traits, and setting. Drug dosage and purity may also vary the effects of the user. (more)

Signs and Symptoms of a possible Drug Problem

Drug and alcohol problems can affect every one of us regardless of age, sex, race, marital status, place of residence, income level, or lifestyle. Most people won't walk up to someone they're close to and ask for help. In fact, most will probably do everything possible to deny or hide the problem. (more)

Myths About Drug Treatment

Millions of people have a problem with alcohol and illicit drugs. And there are millions who have had to confront a loved one’s use of alcohol and drugs. Eventually, it's time to seek out how treatment works and where to go for help. The first step is to learn the facts. (more)

Information Especially for Parents and Caregivers

After spending most of their life being influenced by their parents/caregivers, teens are also being influence by other individuals most often their peers. When your kid reaches adolescence they still need their parents close enough to talk about problems yet far enough so they can make informed decisions for themselves. (more)

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